【The usage】Difference between Desu(です)and Masu (ます)

Answer: Use “Desu” for noun and “Masu” for verb.

As a Japanese learner, you will be confused where should you use Desu(です)and Masu (ます). The difference is simple. You should put Desu(です)after the noun and Masu(ます)after the verb. I think some of you guys aware there is sentense use ” Verb + Desu(です)”

So I’ll make the usage clear from now on.

General usage

1. Noun + Desu(です)
Example : これはりんごです(Kore ha Ringo desu)
This is an apple.

それが用意しておいた資料です(Sore ga youisiteoita shiryou desu)
That’s the documents I’ve arranged.

2. Verb + Masu(ます)
Example :  これから会議があります(Korekara kaigi ga arimasu)
We have meetings from now.

あの子はいつも勉強している(Anoko ha itsumo benkyou shiteiru)
That girl is always studying.



When you use Masu(ます), you should change the verb a bit. Mostly, the last word would change from U sound to E sound.

Example: ある(Aru) → あります(Arimasu)  なる(Naru) →なります(Narimasu)

The specific usage

1,Verb + N(ん)or No(の)+ Desu(です)

  If you put N(ん)or No(の)between Verb and Desu, you can also make polite sentense. This sentense could be caught more doubtful or you having strong will. For example, if I hear ~があるんです(Aru n desu), I would take it as an important or surprising information. Or If it’s ~あるんですか(Aru n desuka), I would take it as surprising things or question while you thought it cannot be occured. I think it is difficult to understand just from its explanation, so let’s check the example to make it gradually clear.

Example:  君が先生になったのですね(Kimi ga sensei ni natta no desu ne)
You became a teacher.

あの面接に受かったんですか!(Ano mensetsu ni ukatta n desuka!)
      You’ve passed that interview!

私のチョコレートあるんですか?(Watashi no chocolate aru n desu ka?)
Do you have my chocolate?



This speciifc sentense use transformed verbs, if you need list of verbs, I’ll make it.

I know you want to speak perfect Japanese, but it’s not that importanat. If it’s communicatable Japanese, your kind frinds or your kind client would try to catch what you gonna say. So doon’t worry making mistakes.

See you!