How Japanese say Hi actually.

So today, let’s see how Japanese ppl actually greet with people.

Typical 4 words used for greeting.

  • Ohayo(おはよう)  =  Good Morning (~12pm)
    • Ohayougozaimasu ( おはようございます) = Good Morning in a polite way.
  • Konnichiwa(こんにちは)  =  Hello (12pm~)
  • Konbanwa(こんばんは)  =  Good afternoon or Good evening ( 5pm~)
  • Oyasumi (おやすみ)  =  Good night
    • Oyasuminasai  (おやすみなさい)  =  Good night in a polite way.

Extra greetings (These are more common and natural words.)

  • Itsumo osewani natteorimasu (いつもおせわになっております)= Hello in a business way.
  • Otsukare (おつかれ)= Hello, Bye
    •  Otsukaresamadesu (おつかれさまです)  =  Hello in a business way.

Ohayo(おはよう)  =  Good Morning

Actual scene

As you seen from this video, we tend to omit the last “U” in the words. For example, even though you’ll write “Arigatou” (ありがと), you could see Japanese saying Arigato (ありがと).

Business way :  Ohayougozaimasu ( おはようございます)

Extra edition

This girl says ” Ohayo-deyansu” . For some reasons, this video was so popular a few years ago.  Deyansu means kind of Desu which is attached at the end of the sentence in a business scenes. But it’s not used anymore in this modern world, so don’t worry, you don’t have to learn about it.

Konnichiwa(こんにちは)  =  Hello

Sometimes it could be just ”Chiwa” or  “Konchiwa” . So when you hear bruh bruh bruh chiwa, this means greeting in a casual way, so you can reply them, Chiwa or Konchiwa or whatever.

Konbanwa(こんばんは)  =  Good afternoon or Good evening ( 5pm~)

Actual scene

Oyasumi (おやすみ)  =  Good night

  • More formal way : Oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい)

  •   Itsumo osewani natteorimasu (いつもおせわになっております) 

Actual scene

This is used for business scene anytime even if you haven’t helped them like cliche. So you don’t have to think it deeply.

  • Otsukaresamadesu (おつかれさまです)  =  Hello in a business way.

Actual scene

We say Otsukaresamadesu in any time. Time doesn’t matter. Between coworkers or people who are not that close, you can use it whenever. When you use it for Friends, we would say Otsukare~ without “samadesu”.

Actually between friends, we don’t say anything like below.