Top 10 compliments to get your Japanese crash

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So firstly, I have to say a lot of websites introduce such weird compliments which is translated from country-specific one directly into Japanese. These non-twisted compliments will end up having opposite effects when you are trying to get your Japanese crash. Then how should you do to make a move?

Requirements to get your crash.

 ・Follow the order of Japanese dating.

I can understand that you have your own opinion on your dating. And I wouldn’t say you definitely have to follow this rule, but generally speaking, Japanese have specific steps to date and most of people are on the following orders.

1, Go on a date for 2-3 times ( like having lunch or watching movies or whatever.)

2, Confess your feelings and make sure your crash is agree to be your girlfriend.

3, Having relationships with her.

※Certifications: Don’t have relationships with her before you guys get together.

Don’t express your love by cheesy lines.

Japanese prefer straight expressions to cheesy lines nor cheesy quates. For example, you probably are used to say ” Your eyes are beautiful”, “It is hot in here or is it just you?” and “You are adding meaning to my life.” etc. But I have to say it out loud that Japanese never use such an too romantic words like literally never. In addition, most of Japanese would think it yucky and disgusting. So, I’ll teach you the real and useful phrase to compliment Japanese.

Top 10 compliments to get your crash.

1, かわいい ( Kawaii) = You are hot. ( for women)

Formal pronunciation.

Casual pronunciation.

かっこいい (Kakkoii) = You’re hot ( for men)

Formal pronunciation

Casual pronunciation.

2, 〇〇さんぜったいもてるよね (〇〇(Name)san, Zettai Moteruyone) = You must be so popular

3, やさしい (Yasashii) = You’re so kind.

4, 〇〇さんといっしょにいるとたのしい(〇〇(Name) san to issyo ni iru to tanosii) = I’m happy when I’m with you

5, きれい (Kirei) = You’re beautiful

6, すごく〇〇さんタイプ (Sugoku 〇〇(Name) san taipu) = You’re my type

7, 〇〇さんとであえてよかった (〇〇san to deaete yokatta) = I’m grad to meet you.

8, 〇〇さんのみかただから (〇〇 san no mikata dakara) = I’m rooting for you.

9,  すき (Suki) = I like you.

10, だいすき ( Daisuki ) = I really like you.

※ あいしてる (Aishiteru) = I love you could be used after you guys get together.

Hope you guys get your Japanese crash and have a wonderful time with them. ( I don’t have partner though.) See you next time~.