Japanese lesson【まさか~ない】【軽率な】【懲りる】

So, firstly, listen to this video .

Video from テレ東公式Youtube

Did you get some words? I think listening and understanding the phrase in the drama is the most difficult part of learning language, so you don’t have to be dissapointed even if you coudn’t get what they meant. So, let’s get started!

Today’s key phrase


[ Noun ]

The imminent approach of something, being in unforeseen urgent situation.

[ Adverb ]

(Used with negation or in a rhetorical expression)Intensifying the negation or speculation. Expressing a feeling that something is absolutely impossible.

〔Similar words〕;Don’t tell me, I never thought



Acting lightly or thoughtlessly without deeply considering things.

〔Similar words〕

Hasty, rash, imprudent


[Verb ]

Thinking that not trying it anymore because of facing a severe setback and experienced a terrible outcome.

Done! Hope this helped you a lot.